Al Pacino – A Giant, at 5’7”

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Considered an acting giant, Al Pacino doesn’t make an issue of his height (5’7”). That’s because, given the role, his stature can be part of the character’s performance. In the movie The Devil’s Advocate, he was frequently seen wearing Cuban heels, boots with obviously high heels, and the like. The point was to drive home his real stature, as the Devil Himself. Who needs to be tall, when you are the Prince of Darkness?

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For those of you who aren’t the Prince of Darkness, take heart! Your stature can be as much a part of your personality as you wish. For one thing, having massive confidence can elevate you in a way that cannot be underestimated. For another, having shoes that make you look taller will definitely help, if they are discreetly height enhancing. Or, if you wish, you can deliberately enhance your height with boots that have a big heel, as long as you present yourself as ‘bigger than life’. However you may deal with the question of how to gain height is up to you. The key is to make your strategy consistent with your personality.

Another role Pacino played, that showed how actual height mattered little, was as Michael Corleone. A Marine Corps hero in WWII, Michael went on to success in the Family business. The issue of his height never came up (or, if it did, the person questioning it never asked about it again – ever). If you are adventurous, enterprising, and willing to take risks, those behaviors will go a long way towards increasing your apparent stature in a way that is unequaled. Of course, if you also add some height with elegant elevator shoes, that will be icing on the cake.