Mel Gibson’s Height? Does He Need Elevator Shoes?

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Standing next to Danny Glover, who is 6’4”, Mel Gibson looks like he could use a bit of lift in his shoes. However, Mel is above average in height (which is 5’9” in the USA), at 5’10”. That’s the thing: height is relative, depending upon whom is next to you. In fact, there’s a picture of Mel standing next to Leonardo DiCaprio, who’s 6’0”, and they both appear to be the same stature. Since most folks can’t control who stands next to them, those who want to gain height often seek out ways to deal with that challenge.

mel gibson

The easiest way to overcome the challenge is to put a bit of lift under your feet. Whether it’s Cuban heels, cowboy boots, or platform shoes, a higher heel is the usual method of boosting your stature. However, it’s also an obvious ploy to stand taller. For those who wish to be discreet, ‘lifts’ can be inserted into regular shoes, which will raise the wearer up above his natural height. The problem with that is regular shoes are not cut and fashioned to accommodate the extra lift, and can make wearing them very uncomfortable.

For the fashion-minded, there are elegant, discreet elevator shoes available, which are made from the ground up to increase height without sacrificing comfort or discretion. This doesn’t mean you have to seek out a custom shoemaker. Instead, you can find elegant, Italian made shoes that also include 21st Century lift technology built right into structure of the shoes, which makes them the most discreet way to increase height. Clearly, Mel Gibson has major help, when it comes to appearing as tall as those around him, on screen and off. You can also get help, if you choose the right footwear.