Bono Vox, U2, and Elevator Shoes

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Paul David Hewson is not a household name. That’s because the world knows him as Bono (and Bono Vox). The lead singer/composer of the band U2 is known as more than just a frontman for a band. His philanthropic work and policy positions actually move mountains. Yet, he only stands 5’6”, without shoes that make you taller. Clearly, there’s more to the man than how tall he stands in his bare feet.

bono elevator boots

When seen on the red carpet, he may be wearing a pair of boots with serious heels, sneakers with a very thick sole, or simply stands with whomever he’s with without being obviously boosted in height. One reason his actual height doesn’t immediately call attention to itself is his sunglasses. Since he suffers from glaucoma, he’s never without shades for his eyes, which are very sensitive to light. His elevator shoes come a distant second, when it comes to his appearance.

That brings up a point you might consider, if you have less-than-ideal stature: accessorize, if you want to want to draw attention away from your height. For some, a hat may be all that you need to call attention to your face. For others, a signature scarf or other eye-catcher above the waist will do the trick. Whatever your particular choice may be, it has to be consistent with your personality and general appearance. Clearly, a stovepipe hat will elevate your appearance, but not if it’s inappropriate to the venue. The last thing you want is for your accessory to ‘wear’ you. For many, the way to increase height is to wear superb elevator footwear that discreetly lifts you above where Mother Nature decreed you should stand.