Does Sylvester Stallone Need Elevator Shoes?

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The funny thing about movie stars is how they look on screen is often different than how they look on the Red Carpet (or standing next to someone much taller than they are, naturally). Sylvester Stallone looks very imposing, when portraying an action hero. Standing next to 6’5” Dolph Lundgren in a publicity shot, not so much (even though he wore elevator shoes in one of those pictures).

sylvester stallone

When it comes to public personalities, perception is reality. That’s why those who are in the public eye do everything they can to appear bigger than life, even if they don’t actually measure up, as far as their stature is concerned. By wearing shoes that make you taller, platform shoes, or special footwear that boosts the wearer’s height, even the man on the street can elevate himself above the crowd (or at least see eye to eye with taller folks). Of course, it all depends on whether the wearer chose the right footwear for the effect, and the venue. Platform shoes may not fit in with a solemn occasion. Discreet shoes that increase height are always in fashion.

Sly Stallone has the advantage of being able to control how he is perceived. He has the help of image specialists, personal assistants, and the like, to guide him in choosing the right wardrobe for his public appearances. If it’s up to you to manage that part of your life, consider well how to gain height, discreetly, and with the right look for the occasion you will be attending. As always, luxurious footwear with a ‘hidden’ benefit will stand you in good stead, if it raises your height in style. Make sure you choose the right brand, fit, finish, and model for your best appearance.