Fashion Week New York Begins This Week

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Since 1943, New York Fashion Week has been the venue for forward-looking trends in style, especially for next year’s Winter collections. Along with all the big-name fashion houses (who shall remain nameless here), many up-and-coming brands make it a point to have a showing, in one way or another, to increase their brand recognition. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is no exception.

fashion week new york

Men’s fashions are just a part of the event, but an important part, nonetheless. One important force in shaping the view and direction of men’s fashion is the fashion blogger, a 21st Century phenomenon that has become most influential. More than a journalist, a blogger engages with his or her readership, in a way that ‘static’ journalism cannot. Kish Rav, a globetrotting example of this New Wave, has gotten notice from major fashion publications like Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), because what he wears represents what’s happening now. ‘Street Style’ will heavily influence what will be worn in the near future.

This is especially interesting because part of Kish’s Street Style is GuidoMaggi. This six-foot-tall man knows that a bit of lift in his footwear is an elegant and discreet way to show that Tall Is the New Black. Sporting a pair of the Chile model (white suede calf leather, with a double monk strap design), his feet were featured in GQ’s latest edition, in preparation for full coverage of New York Fashion Week. It’s this kind of notice that shows how the GuidoMaggi brand is becoming a part of men’s fashion, beyond the needs of those who wear elevator shoes.

Hand craftsmanship, superior leather, attention to detail, and a strong sense of fashion inform the creation of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes. Add to that extra comfort, and a discreet lift in height, and you have a stunning combination of obvious and hidden benefits that cannot be matched.