Silvio Berlusconi – a Giant at 5’5”

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Silvio Berlusconi has lead an interesting, exciting life. In fact, one may suppose that he would prefer that the rest of his life might be a bit less exciting, given all the ups and downs he’s experienced. From media mogul to Prime Minister of Italy, Berlusconi has been front and center in Italian life for decades. The mere fact that he only stands 5’5” is of no importance, in and of itself. That’s because he’s often seen in shoes that make you look taller, including platform shoes.

silvio berlusconi elevator shoes

While he may be sensitive to criticism about his appearance, he’s not afraid to take steps that enhance that appearance. Add to that his wealth, which makes him somewhat immune to being judged and discarded as nothing special, especially by women (despite some of the ungenerous remarks he has made about women in general, and in politics, specifically). In fact, his height (or lack thereof) appears to attract less attention than his hair – or lack thereof.

It’s an open secret that he uses footwear to increase height, even when he’s not wearing high heeled shoes or boots. In at least one photo of him standing next to Nicolas Sarkozy, both are seen wearing higher heels than is normal for conservative shoes. While you may not have billions in the bank (Euros or Dollars, not Lira), you can definitely boost your own height by taking a cue from those two World leaders, and step into some shoes increase height. While not every pair of elevator shoes is flattering, it’s a simple matter to find the best elevator shoes for fashion, comfort, and elegance. All you have to do is find the right brand.