Daniel Radcliffe Outgrowing Harry Potter

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Daniel Radcliffe is no stranger to the public eye. As, arguably, the most famous child actor in the World, his portrayal of Harry Potter launched him into the stratosphere of celebrity. Now, he’s trying to outgrow that role (or maybe he’s just wearing shoes that make you taller). While he may have been cute as a little boy, his stature, both as a performer and a 5’5” man, is increasing, mostly due to his ferocious work ethic. Also, his choices in scripts, performances, and venues practically guarantee that he’ll remain in the public eye.

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The interesting thing is that his height, per se, is not an issue, as far as the press and his fans are concerned. He has no problem being in the company of taller people, although he actually fended off the attentions of a young woman who was about 6’2” (one might suppose his actual girlfriend would have an objection). Sometimes he’ll wear elevator shoes, but not all the time. His appearance at awards ceremonies and the like show the striking lack of growth he’s had since his childhood. He’s even commented on it, then moved on to other subjects. The end result is that, while he’s not the ‘sex symbol’ of, say Robert Pattinson (who played Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire), he’s a major force, nonetheless.

He uses humor to fend off comments about his height:

“Wow, you’re much shorter than I thought!”

“No, I’m actually farther away than you think!”

One fact about his height is in his favor, in movies: his head appears to be large, compared to his body, which the camera loves. So, whether he’s standing next to a tall woman, or in the company of his Harry Potter costars, Daniel Radcliffe has no problem standing out.