Goodbye 6 Inch Heels: Elevator Shoes are the New Comfortable, Glamorous Must-Have

GuidoMaggi offers styles that match your desire to add a few inches to your height, and always with maximum comfort and sophisticated designs.

Is it the end of the famous 6 inch heel? Modern women appear to be shunning the trend of the 6 inch heel in favor of more comfortable footwear to match their busy lifestyles combining work and family. Analysts at NDP Group found that in 2017 sales of high heels dropped by 11% in the US, while sales of women’s sneakers increased by 37% over the same period. According to the Spine Health Institute, 72% of women wear heels only “a few times”, only 31% wear high heels to work and the majority of women in the survey wear heels only for special occasions.

Elevator shoes can let you enjoy life more comfortably.

 The classic 6 inch heel was once a sexy icon but it has now become uncomfortable and perhaps sexist. The stylish contemporary woman is more self-aware and her strong femininity is not dependent on fashion, but creates it. The elevator shoe can be the ideal footwear for the modern woman who doesn’t want to give up the height increase but at the same time wants a comfortable shoe to add glamor and elegance to her wardrobe: a multitasking shoe. Elevator shoes for women by GuidoMaggi: comfortable, on trend and made with the highest quality materials for stylish luxury.

GuidoMaggi for every occasion

 From essential sneakers to boots, classic to sporty, the GuidoMaggi collection for women will not disappoint. High quality, elegant styles handcrafted in Italy combining fine leathers with innovative design. The Jasmine Orange is one style that you won’t want to miss. These knee-high elevator boots are handcrafted in gorgeous soft orange full grain leather and can discreetly increase your height by up to 3.1 inches while maintaining the look of a flat boot. Ideal for women who want to look taller, stay on trend and be comfortable. This new style also comes other colors, including turquoise and blue, for the perfect spring wardrobe.