Men’s Fashion: Bags and Backpacks – the new must-have

Once considered feminine accessories, now they dominate men’s fashion. GuidoMaggi has created exclusive bags for a stylish wardrobe.

Men’s bags and backpacks were once created by the big fashion houses, simply by adapting women’s accessories and making versions for men. Today, men’s bags and backpacks have developed a maturity, combining functionality and style, and have become a must-have for men’s style. Men’s backpacks have become an essential accessory, perfect for both the office and leisure.

A leather bag or backpack is the ultimate fashion accessory, sophisticated yet practical. This luxury accessory can define your style status and your exquisite taste for exclusive, high-end products. The new collection of bags and backpacks by GuidoMaggi dares to inspire the modern man. An exclusive luxury line of products handmade in Italy by master artisans with meticulous detail and the finest exotic leathers.

The modern businessman will not be able to resist the temptation of the Red Erik, the luxurious Hermès crocodile leather briefcase in vivid red, designed and handcrafted by GuidoMaggi artisans. Strong character and unmistakable style, Red Erik is created for the most demanding businessman. This essential business accessory features spacious compartments, gold tone zips and adjustable shoulder strap.

Crafted for the contemporary urban man who wants practicality and sophistication, the chic Black Diamond is the iconic Hermès crocodile leather backpack, with a rich black color, exclusive design and handcrafted in Italy by GuidoMaggi craftsmen. It features spacious compartments, gold tone zips and adjustable strap.


Rembrandt is the ultimate luxury travel companion. Handcrafted in pirarucu leather in a delicate ice white shade with black full grain Tuscan leather side sections and handle for extreme style. Designed and handcrafted in Italy by GuidoMaggi artisans, this luxury travel bag features a spacious compartment with interior pockets, silver tone zips and adjustable calfskin shoulder strap.


All GuidoMaggi bags feature a 24 carat gold tag that can be engraved for personalization.

GuidoMaggi combines attention to detail, passion and couture tailoring, transforming fine leathers into unique and exclusive designs. Emanuele Briganti, CEO, has launched a YouTube channel and instagram page for customers to follow exclusive news.