Combining fashion and comfort in shoes: The two must-haves this summer

The latest GuidoMaggi collection of slip-on shoes offers unique and fashionable models combined with the recognizable brand quality, versatility, and convenience, making them perfect to wear on a boat this summer.

As the end of spring slowly approaches, summer enthusiasts are ready to embark on a yet another summer adventure. Whether you fancy soaking up in the sun, relishing the mesmerizing sound of the waves and crystal clear waters, or sailing the seas, one of the main things you need to plan before you start your vacation is the perfect outfit and footwear. And while summer is all about relaxing and enjoying in the simplicity, you can yet remain fashionable and comfortable for as long as you have the proper pair of shoes.

For those of you who enjoy sailing, boat shoes are a necessity every summer. Choosing the right pair will provide you with comfort, all without losing on elegance.

Over the years, boat shoes have evolved to the point that they are now an invaluable accessory during the summer for both men and women. They are classy, comfortable, and can be worn on many occasions, including on your planned boat trip this summer.

The GuidoMaggi collection of slip-on shoes for men provides you with precisely what you need this summer – elegance, and comfort. Their unique design is suitable for all occasions, whether you are casually sailing the sea or aiming for a more sophisticated look. The latest collection keeps the unique quality of the brand, and it boasts exceptional Italian craftsmanship and some of the finest materials and leather.

All GuidoMaggi shoes come with a twist that makes them a more desirable footwear choice. The new line of slip-on shoes has a discreet rise that gives few extra centimeters in height, while still keeping the main characteristics of a well-made shoe.

The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for men remain versatile and convenient for every occasion, and it is up to you and your individual preferences to find the right pair for you.

The Seal Beach elevator shoes boast with elegance and are a highly fashionable selection for this summer.

The slip-ons are elevated and give up to 6 centimeters in height. Their sole is made with light rubber which gives a subtle dark blue contrast to the soft calf leather of the no-lace shoes.

The Seal Beach height increasing shoes are an excellent choice with a more casual outfit, but when fitted right can also be a very classy solution for every occasion.

If you do not want to make a mistake with your outfit, black is the way to go. There is little to no place for a fashion error, and the Black Sea slip-on elevator shoes are a classic match. They are made with black greased leather, and a dark denim-like aged fabric with a rubber sole so light, that it provides you with ultimate comfort.

These black shoes from GuidoMaggi are excellent for both sailing and more luxurious events. Despite the dark color which can be a real problem during the summer, the Black Sea slip-on model is remarkably light and will keep your feet fresh. They also come with an invisible lift of 6.5 centimeters.

If you want to play safe and get a model of slip-on footwear that is impossible to make a mistake with, these burgundy-beige elevator shoes for men might be just what you need.

The Conero model is the perfect pair of boat shoes that make you taller, and it is hand-made in Italy with the most elegant burgundy suede, combined with sand-colored raffia.

These shoes are an excellent choice for the summer and will blend in with your complete sailing outfit. The Conero model of elevator shoes subtly provides an extra 6.5 centimeters in height.