Getting Maximum Lift: It’s Not Just Footwear

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Guys who want (and need) an increase in height should consider whether getting the maximum lift available is a good idea. That’s because a mismatch between their footwear and the rest of their wardrobe is a ‘red flag’ that they’re trying to be something they’re not.

For example, you wouldn’t want to show up for a business meeting in a conservative suit, but wearing platform shoes. The disconnect between proper business attire and flamboyant footwear would ruin your credibility. If you want to be dressed for the occasion, and stand tall, use all the tricks and tips for improving your stature and appearance, along with a proper dress elevator shoe style.

On the other hand, there’s a time and a place for going ‘tall’. You can make the most of maximum lift footwear when you dress casually. The best way to get the most lift is a boot style. Not only is it acceptable for a boot to have a substantial heel ‘lift’, it’s possible for a bespoke shoe creator to incorporate lift technology into a boot that won’t work in, say, a pair of loafers.


The best elevator footwear is custom made. This means that when you want to go with 5 inch boots, go to a craftsman that knows how to make them work, both as height increasing shoes and for maximum comfort, all day long. You’ll find that GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes knows how to do this, like no other footwear maker in the World. That’s because each pair of boots and shoes is crafted, from the ground up, to be elegant, fashionable, and created to give you the ‘tall’ look you desire.

In short (pun intended), be discreet at work, and be your tallest at play. You’ll find that 5 inch boots work best when you’re not working!