Tom Cruise: 5’7” and Loving It!

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For those of you that are ‘vertically challenged’, feeling self-conscious about it may bother you. After all, you’re probably not a World-famous celebrity, who doesn’t have to worry about whether your height is a limiting factor in your overall success. Tom Cruise probably doesn’t. In fact, he’s often appeared next to women who, in their high heels, towered over him at red carpet events in Los Angeles, New York, and around the World.

Now, on screen, the difference in height between him and his costars is managed with camera tricks, custom made elevator shoes, and wardrobe choices that de-emphasize the difference. You won’t be able to take advantage of the camera angle trick, in most cases, but you can take heart: creating a slim, vertical line in your wardrobe is relatively easy. The same goes for buying bespoke elevator shoes.

The thing to keep in mind is that being comfortable in your own skin goes a long way towards minimizing height differences between you and those around you. If you’re very uncomfortable in the presence of those who are taller (male and female), no amount of trickery will ease your mind. Instead, you have to commit to being who you are, as you are, and focusing on the people around you, not yourself.

By putting your attention on others, you automatically draw the right kind of attention to yourself – not on your height, but on your character and personality. Tom Cruise doesn’t avoid those who are taller than himself. He can’t. Instead, he seems to follow a simple rule: if you can’t fix it, feature it! He stands next to tall women and men without calling attention to the difference.

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Get yourself used to getting past height differences in your mind. Of course, by taking action in advance that improves your appearance and increases your apparent height, you know, in your heart, that you’ve done everything you can to make up for the difference before you act, speak, and move through the World.