Be an ‘After’, Not a ‘Before’

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You’ve probably seen Before and After pictures of many different products and services (unless you live in a cave with no electricity). Here’s the thing – all those comparisons want you to be an ‘After’. They’re intended to get you to take some action, of one kind or another.

You, on the other hand, may be reluctant to take that action. “What if the thing promised is just not able to deliver the ‘After’ for me? Then what?” There have been plenty of products and services that promised the World, and delivered a lot less than that.

We at GuidoMaggi understand this. The founder and CEO spent a long time thinking about trying elevator shoes before he bought his first pair. While they did boost his height a bit, they were disappointing in their appearance, long term performance and comfort. He wanted what the Before and After pictures promised: discreet height increase, without sacrificing comfort, style, and good craftsmanship.

That creative dissatisfaction led to the creation of a company that would deliver the best elevator shoes in the World. These shoes would not just make you stand taller. They would boost your confidence, enhance your wardrobe, and deliver lasting comfort. They would be handmade, by Italian craftsmen who truly understood the needs of the luxury market.

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GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes guarantee you will have the best possible ‘After’. It starts with 21st Century lift technology that is long lasting and comfortable. The shoes themselves are crafted around that lift technology, instead of being added to existing shoe styles that aren’t made for increasing your height.

Best of all, these shoes are elegant. Made from the finest leathers, they are handmade by those who devote their life to the art of shoemaking. You get style, fashion, and discreet lift that others can only hope to imitate.

Go ahead. Be an ‘After’. We’ll be here for you.