Pierre Balmain – a Giant at 5’9”

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While many view designer Olivier Rousteing as the brains behind high-fashion house Balmain, it was founder Pierre Balmain who truly embodied the label’s most sophisticated designs. The designer, known for his elegant aesthetic, achieved a great deal during his lifetime, establishing one of the world’s most coveted brands. Even decades after his passing, Balmain is still fondly remembered for his work, his persona and his contributions to the ever-growing world of fashion. While he stood at only 5’9, his height never hindered his ability to command attention.

Today’s modern man has access to endless designs, courtesy of brilliant designers all over the world. While stylish, elegant footwear can be found in many places, elevator shoes are much less widespread, but just as significant in today’s high-paced fashion world. Shoes that add inches to a short frame can make a world of difference in both style and confidence.

pierre balmaine

Creating a sleek, sophisticated look doesn’t require that you sacrifice comfort. Today’s bold breed of elevator shoes utilizes high-end technology and world-class materials to forge a look and fit intended specifically for the stylish among men. With the spring season here at last, there’s no better time to breathe new life into your wardrobe, and there’s simply no better time to elevate your style to new, exciting heights.

Whether you are on the hunt for a special pair of dress shoes for an upcoming wedding, or are looking for the perfect pair of sandals to take with you on that much-deserved vacation, you’ve got access to an ever-increasing selection of superbly crafted elevator shoes built with unmatched style in mind.

If your desire for luxury elevator shoes goes beyond Italian leather, you can also choose from a limited-edition selection of Python and genuine South African ostrich leather, as well as exceptionally rare Piracucu to truly forge a look that’s unique. These sleek, sophisticated designs are suited for the man who knows great style, and isn’t afraid to showcase his own.

When it comes to elevator shoes, taller never looked this good.