La “Dolce” vita

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One half of dynamic designer duo Dolce & Gabbana, Domenico Dolce has forged quite the impact during his time on the fashion scene. With decades of experience in the art of dressing, Dolce has remained an integral part of Italian fashion, inspiring many with his daring designs. Combined, Dolce & Gabbana’s signature aesthetic calls for an edgy, sexy persona, and Dolce’s own personal style mimics this vibe to a T. He is rarely seen looking anything but sleek and sophisticated, albeit slightly shorter than his counterpart, Stefano Gabbana. Standing at 5’7, Dolce and other men of this stature may require a boost of height to stand tall and proud alongside other members of the fashion glitterati. Elevator shoes are a superb way to achieve this, and there is a wide variety to choose from when hoping to establish a look that screams “luxe”.

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Choosing an elevator shoe that takes both style and comfort into consideration can present quite the challenge. Luckily, today’s elevator shoes are capable of creating the illusion of extra height like never before. A range of shoes that combines impeccable style with a number of details intended for comfort is ideal for the modern man, and if anyone can benefit from this, it’s those in the public eye like Dolce.

Elevator shoes boast an unconventional structure, unlike typical dress shoes. Increaser insoles boasting a unique and advanced ergonomic design made from innovative materials ensure optimal comfort, while soft leather lining throughout makes for enhanced durability. Factors like these paired with a number of stylish, on-trend designs result in an elevator shoe capable of taking men through a wide variety of occasions. There are sleek sandals for laid-back days of vacationing; luxurious dress shoes for formal events and comfortable yet durable boots for outdoor adventures. The possibilities are endless when dealing with shoes that place equal importance on fashion and function.

A growing number of men are turning to elevator shoes to provide the height they dared not dream of. Some of Hollywood’s most famed celebrities have utilized sleek, chic elevator shoes to take their red carpet looks to the next level. Domenico Dolce is just one who could benefit from the effects of a reliable – and highly fashionable – pair of elevator shoes. Keeping just one pair of these within your shoe arsenal will have long-lasting effects on your overall style and self-confidence.