Grammy Awards: Elevator Shoes Are Cool on and off the Stage!

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more celebrities who are not too tall and who, because of that reason, choose elevator shoes both in public and in private life. A precious choice of style especially if you opt for the excellence of the GuidoMaggi brand! Read more

Leather Is the New Must-Have of 2020!

Unchallenged dominance of leather on Milan’s high fashion catwalks. Garments molded from prestigious raw materials such as ponyskin, suede or shearling. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes and accessories have always been the coolest choice Read more

Ups and downs. Surely people NOTICE if your height varies?

Well actually, people are not as observant about others as you might think. Out and about, people are so wrapped up in their own issues and lives that they tend not to be as observant about others’ heights etc. If this worries you about adding height, then take it slow. But do not listen to people who have never worn elevators to tell you how it all works… Read more