GuidoMaggi slip-ons: the perfect weaving of luxury sportswear

Iconic, versatile, stylish. The new slip-ons – Waikiki, Beachwalker and Yosemite – are exclusive creations in hand-woven full-grain leather. Soft and comfortable, they add 2.4 inches more in height with a sophisticated touch 

Letting go, freedom and comfort: these are the prerogatives of the summer in terms of look. Leave the stiffness imposed by the everyday duties to embrace casualness, but without sacrificing style. A self-respecting male wardrobe must take this into account and privilege garments and accessories that enhance this perfect mix. Among the must-haves of the summer, together with elevator loafers, the slip-ons stand out in the ranking: fresh, dynamic, classy, ​​suitable for any style.

The sneakers without laces by GuidoMaggi, with a perfect silhouette, offer dynamism and movement without neglecting that touch of refinement necessary to always stand out. Easy to wear, light and versatile, they have an innate class that makes them unique. You will love the new models: Waikiki, Beachwalker and Yosemite. To make them even more precious is the processing of hand-woven together with the breathable leather. Masterpieces of haute couture, 100% made in Italy, which transform the slip-ons into objects of desire for lovers of luxury sportswear. Yes, because they are not just any shoes but strictly handmade models, customized according to the customers’ wishes, with details that transform them into unique pieces to show off and exhibit with pride.

Those who prefer to look smart even with a more casual outfit can only be enchanted by the charm of these shoes, with soft and sinuous lines, great wearability and sublime workmanship.  Elevator shoes that, in addition to being stylish, are able to increase height by 2.4 inches (6 centimeters). The added value that only GuidoMaggi elevator shoes can boast: appearing taller with discretion and in absolute comfort. The natural rubber sole is also light and comfortable which makes the shoes suitable for wearing all day. Under shorts or linen trousers they are the must-have for this summer, by the sea, on the boat or in your free time. That touch of class that will make your look distinctive on any occasion.