Elevator loafers, the summer passe-partout

Luxury accessories, handmade and customized for an impeccable and exclusive outfit. The new GuidoMaggi styles give 2.4 inches in height in absolute comfort

As a distinctive sign of elegance, loafers have always been associated to the refinement of the English gentlemen who love being sophisticated and comfortable at the same time. Having abandoned the stereotype of dandy footwear, the penny loafer has become the passe-partout for all seasons, even if it’s in spring and summer that it can best show all its potential. Its history is ancient, it goes back to the American Indians, who used to bind the foot with strips of soft leather in order to obtain what looked like its predecessor.

Today the classic loafer is the must-have of any self-respecting wardrobe, versatile, dynamic but capable of never losing that refined soul that has always distinguished it.

More casual than the classic derbies, but decidedly more formal than sneakers, GuidoMaggi elevator loafers are the right mix of exclusivity and pure elegance. Luxury at your feet that does not go unnoticed. Precious raw materials, high workmanship, soft and captivating lines, make them jewels to be worn with pride. In addition, the priceless value of the shoe made by the Italian maison is also and above all given by the elevator system, up to 2.4 inches (6 centimeters) in total comfort and discretion. In this spring-summer 2020 the new GuidoMaggi elevator styles are definitely irresistible. In addition to the sinuous lines and the preciousness of the handcrafted leather, they stand out for the nuances and details, giving a touch of nobility to your outfit, on any occasion.

The new GuidoMaggi models, in a classic or sporty key, are confirmed as a true must-have which satisfy every type of style and taste, are comfortable, slim the figure making it even more fascinating, have decisive, versatile and exclusive lines, adapt perfectly to both elegant looks and more casual looks. Here, are the most glamorous models for the new season by GuidoMaggi.

The Annecy elevator loafer is the perfect synthesis of luxury and elegance. All the charm of the true gentleman condensed in this GuidoMaggi model, handmade by skilled master craftsmen from shiny calf leather. The bright black color enhances its decisive character, refined by the elegant tone-on-tone tassels. Annecy is an easy-to-wear elevator shoe that gives that glam touch that never goes unnoticed. The invisible internal elevator system is able to increase height by 2.4 inches (6 cm).

Definitely captivating, the Hurghada elevator loafer is the footwear that makes a difference. Its extra inches- as many as 2.4 – frame a model that exudes refinement. An excellence all made in Italy, in burgundy suede calfskin, for a penny loafer capable of enhancing your look, giving that unique and timeless allure that only a shoe handmade with talent and passion can assure.