Elevator shoes: the secret of the men of power

From Nicolas Sarkozy to Vladimir Putin, up to Kim Jong-Un, whoever has the reins of a nation must prove his authority even with a few centimeters more in height. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes meet these needs: to be taller but always with style and elegance 

The combination of shoes and power is indissoluble. Shoes always reveal the character and personality of the wearer. The man who has great responsibilities always chooses to wear accessories that accentuate his authority, especially if Mother Nature has been a bit stingy in terms of inches. Prestige, elegance and a good look are measured in centimeters: it is a fact. From the saying “Half beauty is given by the height” derive a series of corollaries that cannot disregard the various spheres of life: height not only helps to improve the physical appearance, by slimming the figure, but increases self-confidence, self-esteem and above all the vision that others have of us. If you are taller you become more authoritative, express solidity and inspire greater respect.

Being taller not only helps in the relationship with your partner, but becomes indispensable if you play a role of power. For this reason, many heads of state and politicians choose to wear elevator shoes. In meetings between leaders, not being overpowered by the tall guy on duty is a need that cannot be renounced. Between ritual photos, handshakes and catwalks, the extra centimeters make the difference in terms of prestige.

Among the examples, the Polish leader Jarosław Kaczyński, 167 centimeters tall, who if he met Angela Merkel 172 centimeters, would slightly disfigure. Not to mention Nicolas Sarkozy (165 cm): it is well known that he wears elevator shoes, also because it would be strange to see him next to his beautiful wife, the model Carla Bruni (175 cm tall). Vladimir Putin – 170 cm – and the North Korean Kim Jong-Un stand out among the powerful of the earth wearing elevator shoes.

Each of them shares the same need: to wear height increasing shoes that are comfortable and well-made, which manage to best combine the need to be taller with that of always looking impeccable. Only GuidoMaggi elevator shoes respond to the needs of the men of power: customizable and made to measure with fine leathers, worked by skilled craftsmen, they are the quintessence of elegance and style. The best for a leader, the only ones able to increase his charisma by giving up to 15 centimeters more in height.