What your Shoes Say about Your Personality

The choice of wearing GuidoMaggi elevator shoes usually reveals a strong character and personality. It shows the desire to love yourself and the passion for high quality and true luxury, that one capable of making us feel good about ourselves

There are choices that speak more about us than you actually think. Our decisions on what to wear, whether we need to go to work, or we just like to chill in our spare time, if we are on vacation or in the city, make a huge difference. These choices reveal who we are, what is our style and why we choose it.

Every detail has the role to define the image that we want to give the world on a daily basis: no matter what event is it for, whether it’s casual, chic, classic, even the sportiest outfit can tell a big story about us, just from what we wear.

Who wears GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is aware of having personalized masterpieces on their feet, made to measure according to the best Italian craftsmanship tradition.

Shoes that are made from materials of the highest quality where every detail is meticulously taken care of. Each model is unique, just like the wearer. Nothing is by chance; the man who chooses GuidoMaggi shoes knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it. The unique creations are exclusive accessories made to be enjoyed as the prestige of the materials combined with the elevator system that discreetly makes you taller while making you feel confident and ready to take on the world.

With the brand’s exclusive elevator shoes on our feet, you will exude your full charm that will make you confident and will increase your self-esteem as well. That way, we show the world what we are made of; strong men who know how to recognize the class and the finest luxury, made out of the best leather and materials that GuidoMaggi offers.

Everything is possible if you wish for it. And that’s what drove GuidoMaggi to the top; passion and hard work. The talent of its master shoemakers combined with the passion of the Ceo Emanuele Briganti made the elevator shoes true ambassadors of Italian style in the world. And what is the role of the wearer? Well, he is a man who only wants the best for himself and isn’t afraid to ask for it.