Sneakers Trends 2020

Elevator sneakers are the new trend: GuidoMaggi rewrites the rules of street style by pushing the boundaries forward

In the new GM collection the iconic sneakers become a chic and exclusive piece of clothing every man should own: these new chunky sneakers are the must-haves of the season. If your goal is to be taller and always cool, the new GuidoMaggi sneakers will fulfil all your wishes.

GuidoMaggi can never go wrong with the shoes. As the spring-summer 2020 season approaches, we can’t wait for the launch of the new elevator shoes that will become a must-have for the season. The bespoke shoes made by expert craftsmen, 100% Italian, are skillfully crafted from the highest quality materials, uniquely and exclusively designed to fit the timeless style of the brand. The chunky elevator sneakers are meant to be the trendiest piece of the season and the inimitable design of GuidoMaggi is just unmissable.

The collection that Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, defines pure energy will be dynamic and versatile: the memorable trainers will become the haute couture of the sporty fashion, wrapped up in fine leather with a discreet and comfortable elevator system that can give you up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) more in height.

“We are rewriting the rules of streetwear” explains the CEO of GuidoMaggi. Nowadays that the market is blasted with questionable quality and prices, GuidoMaggi is the safe haven. Italian brand of excellence that has offered the very best for over a century. Even when it comes to sports and casual shoes, GuidoMaggi is able to offer only refined, dynamic and innovative creations. The GuidoMaggi chunky elevator sneakers are the peak of true luxury that should be worn by the modern man in order to have a flawless look every time.

The new spring-summer 2020 collection focuses on sporty sporty chic. Meanwhile, with the return to black, pure and essential, strong and elegant. The chunky sneakers in full grain calf leather are ideal for the contemporary warrior: with character, for a bold and always glamorous look, able to increase height up to 4.3 inches (11 cm). But the GM proposals also point to the most trendy colors, such as orange, classic blue and gray suede, besides offering an unparalleled comfort and the unique feeling of wearing the best of made in Italy.

All GuidoMaggi creations have an edge that cannot be replicated.