GuidoMaggi, luxury must be “slow”

Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, takes sides with Giorgio Armani against the absurd prerogatives of fast fashion. The return to the true values ​​of luxury is the only way forward for the sector

The tendency to favor slower and more traditional rhythms and lifestyles emerges compared to those dictated by modern societies. The frenetic rhythms imposed on our life must be relaxed, in favor of a return to that essential form of beauty that is pure and precious because it has a strong original identity. This is true in every sector, but takes on a particularly symbolic meaning in fashion. The “hit and run” is now out, the proliferation of great events that are hard to keep up with, the infinite shows that promise sparks and have no substance, the flash trends that last a day, have lost much of the their appeal.

“Today is the time to return to the origins of luxury, to enjoy that beauty which was slowly built with passion and talent and which, in the same slow way, must be enjoyed and savored”. This is what Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, an innovative brand that for over a century has been creating hand-made shoes in Italy, has been supporting for some time. Precious accessories that have a family history behind them, a story made of respect for traditions, know-how, with a love for beauty transformed into luxury footwear, capable of increasing height with comfort and discretion and able of giving its customers not just elevator shoes, but exciting tailored masterpieces.

Together with Giorgio Armani, who in an open letter denounces the drifts of fast fashion and hopes for the return to true luxury, rediscovering its original identity, also Emanuele Briganti has been fighting the same battle for some time. Joining the cry “Do better, do less”, the young CEO more than once pleaded the cause of the return to Luxury with the capital “L”, the authentic one, which must be lasting and not elusive: “It is not a meteor that it crosses the sky and disappears in an instant, but a bright star that lights up all our nights ”. And he speaks for knowledge. For over a century GuidoMaggi has been making shoes that make you taller in respect of the great values ​​of tradition, the attention to details and the use of precious materials, making them objects of worship that last over time, beauty icons to wear for any occasion. Always in trend, but respecting the slow luxury, made of high quality and love, which avoids mass production and gives uniqueness to each individual customer.