Freedom is being casual

A style that adapts to any trend or season and plays on exclusive design and fine leathers. To be glamorous without preconceived labels, thanks to a brand capable of dressing every personality with class

What does casual mean? According to current definitions: a dress, garment or accessory of clothing, with a practical and informal style. And again: in the European tradition, the way of dressing that emphasizes comfort and personal expressiveness with respect to presentability and uniformity, is called casual. In a nutshell, the emancipation and freedom from the label, the ability to tastefully impose one’s taste by avoiding any imposition. The dress code suggested only by our personality, regardless of seasons and occasions.

As explained by Emanuele Briganti, Ceo of GuidoMaggi – a leading company in the artisanal profuction of elevator shoes made in Italy – “There are no more pre-established combinations, everything is free and casual.” But freedom does not mean sloppiness, it is not synonymous with ordinary or gross. For GuidoMaggi, casual is the most creative essence of versatility, a freedom declined in the forms of beauty, shaped by fine leathers according to the wishes of each individual customer. The “casual” designed by GuidoMaggi is made of elevator shoes full of character, elegant but versatile, which offer up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) more of height in comfort and secrecy.

In the new collection, inspired by the energy of nature, each model is characterized by its free and refined soul. In the details, in the perfection of the forms, in the captivating nuances and in the exclusive elegance of each GuidoMaggi elevator shoe, relives the passion and the talent of a brand always devoted to the creation of true luxury, the slow one, not screamed and shamelessly exhibited, but the unique, lasting one, capable of giving great emotions.

The GuidoMaggi “casual” is made of unique models, from boots to lace-ups, from slip-ons to sneakers, each creation is a reinterpretation of the classic in an innovative key. Each elevator shoe is designed to tell the unique story of the wearer, always in the sign of exclusivity. With GuidoMaggi, casual is unprecedented: freedom to be yourself and to always do it with the great Italian style at your feet.