Personalization is the true luxury

Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, underlines that today only the uniqueness born from the passion and talent of know-how, must be the soul of high fashion. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, result of the painstaking work of expert craftsmen, are shaped on each individual style to be exclusive masterpieces

Uniqueness makes the difference. Especially in the world of fashion, the rush to spree shopping has lost its verve because the trend is now to rediscover and enhance the bespoke tailoring. The fast fashion consumer rush inevitably gives way to a more “slow” luxury concept: designed and modeled on everyone’s style. Luxury, by its definition, has the characteristic of being extraordinary and precious and has nothing to do with the ostentation end in itself. The objects, even very expensive but of bad taste, are superfluous and vulgar.

True contemporary luxury is the one which is inextricably linked to uniqueness, which allows you to reclaim the idea of ​​beauty and make it your own by showing off your individual style. “To be cool, you should distinguish yourself “, says Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, who adds: “Today, personalization is the true luxury”. It could not be otherwise. After the “hit and run” trends, the rediscovery of “handmade” becomes the new must have for connoisseurs.

The world of artisans regains leadership, a garment or accessory to be exclusive and classy must reflect the wearer, must speak about his history and reveal his emotions.

For over 100 years, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes have been doing just that: they are molded on the personality of each customer thanks to the skills and know how of master craftsmen who use only the highest quality materials. In this way, different footwear is created each time, in terms of lines and shades, which adapt to the individual and avoid standardization. Each shoe is different as is every customer who is listened to and satisfied with his every desire. The prestige of a GuidoMaggi shoe lies precisely in this: in being an unprecedented masterpiece that allows us to stand out with refinement on every occasion. The guidelines have always been the same for a century: creativity, excellent workmanship, precious leathers and passion. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes represent the real luxury, if by this term we mean the personal pleasure of enjoying pure beauty.