GuidoMaggi, the future rests on the protection of our values

This is how Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, speaks about the prospects of the brand: a winning strategy supported by the high quality of the products and the excellent responsiveness of the team

What will be the future of fashion after the pandemic that we are dealing with right now? How and what exactly will change when it comes to the world of fashion?

These are legitimate questions in an emergency period like this to which many are trying to give answers. There are way too many dynamics coming towards us and there are many doubts when it comes to fashion in the future, but that doesn’t scare us or worry us. In fashion, sometimes you need to take risks. Donatella Versace does it.

For example, in an interview with ‘Corriere Della Sera’, she hypnotizes how the fashion shows will look like in the post Coronavirus. The designer hopes for a “middle ground” between traditional shows and digital shows and strives for a more of intimate moment than what we are used to.

Thus, the next collections after the pandemic “will have to deliver an even stronger, breaking message. It may be more concentrated, but for this, I would like it to hit directly to the heart, so I can make the people say ‘I want it! Fashion has always been a dream of mine.”

This is exactly what GuidoMaggi has never overlooked: the joyful dimension of fashion, from elevator shoes to specific and unique clothing and accessories; it’s an entire universe that’s at service of satisfying its customers’ dreams. What really matters is continuing to make people dream and make them really happy with what Italian brand has been used to do for over a century: giving shape to beauty and making it come to life. As specified by Emanuele Briganti, “luxury helps to overcome the crisis”.

And it does so by focusing on the creation of handmade masterpieces, capable of making the wearer feel good, and also increasing his self-esteem and confidence.

A GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is luxury that pampers you and makes you dream without boundaries. Not a simple shoe, but a must-have accessory cloaked in charm and sensuality.

All of this, of course, is possible thanks to the passion and talent of a brand that doesn’t give up. And even in critical situations like this, it keeps its head high and instills confidence and optimism for the future. The secret of success? The focus on the brand, its history, and its attractive force.

“GuidoMaggi“- said Emanuele Briganti – “will maintain a strategy focused on preserving the value of the brand, supported by the exceptional quality of its products and the responsiveness of its team”.

A creative universe, that one of GuidoMaggi that has no equal; it’s simply a winning team, starting with its captain Emanuele Briganti, who triumphs every time just because he believes in the power of beauty and true luxury made of emotions and great stories to tell.