The timeless elegance of black

Black has always been associated with elegance and timeless style in the world of fashion no matter the season. For this reason the elevator shoes and leather jackets designed by GuidoMaggi are a choice of style that rewards true luxury even in the summer

Even though the catwalks propose garments featuring strong colors, black just cannot be renounced. The Spring-Summer 2020 men’s fashion collection is no exception. If we take the rise of the Pantone classic blue color as an example, then it is also true that some colors do not lose their appeal and continue to dictate their rules because they’re unique and simply irreplaceable. Black is one of these colors, and it cannot lose ground; in the world of fashion, it represents essential elegance and character. Because of this, the choice of black is sensual and refined even in the warm seasons like summer.

GuidoMaggi is the only brand capable of shaping the color and making it shine in its elevator shoes but also accessories and leather jackets. All creations are custom made and personalized, and they are also handcrafted entirely in Italy from the finest quality materials.

Masterpieces of haute couture that have no equal; pure luxury, designed for the man who strives for perfection and wants to be noticed for his uniqueness. All of this results first of all, in shoes of high craftsmanship which are able to increase height up to 6 inches, as well as charm and self-esteem, in a mix of comfort and discretion with no equals. The new season brings with it new proposals in the GuidoMaggi house. The Back to Black takes the form of a classic model of elegance and timeless taste, the elevator loafer.

All the charm of the man’s footwear which wins everyone’s heart and taste and it also goes beyond current trends and fashion critics. The Italian brand, for the Spring-Summer 2020 collection focuses on shiny calf leather; the black color is bright and is enriched with refined tassels. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes feature an innovative design and this is why they are essential in order to be chic and taller at the same time.

GuidoMaggi craftsmen create masterpieces of refinement every day, enhancing precious raw materials and molding them according to the customers wishes. Each height increasing shoe is unique, designed to meet the specific needs of the modern man who wants to look fashionable while always being himself standing out with details capable of arousing emotions. And this is what GuidoMaggi elevator shoes do: they are carriers of happiness, that subtle and penetrating one that arouses true luxury.