Dior in Lecce, a triumph for the capital of Elevator Shoes

Dior Cruise 2021 Show was staged in the historic town of Lecce, Italy. The event, wanted by the creative director of the house Maria Grazia Chiuri, has transformed the town into an international stage, capable of honoring and promoting the local traditions and its exeptional craftsmanship. At the center of the Salento scene, the talent and creativity of the brand GuidoMaggi

Only 22 minutes, intense, suggestive, livestreamed by thousands of people from all over the world. The Dior fashion show in Lecce to present the new Cruise Collection 2021 took place in the evocative setting of Piazza Duomo, between phantasmagorical luminaires and a few, very selected guests. The event, postponed in recent months because of the coronavirus pandemic, was held on the 22nd of July by the will of the creative director of the French fashion house, Maria Grazia Chiuri, originally from Salento. A choice which is a tribute to her home country to honor and celebrate the culture, values and the exceptional craftsmanship of the region. The event saw 45 models on the catwalk, with the full orchestra from the Notte della Taranta folk music festival in the background playing the traditional music and dancers performing a reinterpretation of the “pizzica”, the local folk dance. The 90 looks, created with materials sourced by local artisans displayed further the tribute to the traditions. Watching the show, in live streaming, more than 240 thousand viewers who had the opportunity to live, admire and experience the wonders of Salento in those 22 minutes . Not to forget the tour of the museums and most beautiful Piazzas given by Chiara Ferragni which further promoted the beauty of the place.

Right here in Lecce, GuidoMaggi has been operating for over 100 years as an exclusive brand that makes shoes entirely by hand with the finest leathers and an innovative and always trendy design, comfortable and capable of increasing height by up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) in total discretion.

Dior’s tribute truly emphasizes the profound link between high fashion and local traditions embodied by the brand GuidoMaggi. Here, talent and creativity come together to create unparalleled luxury masterpieces, here the miracle of beauty takes place, molded into the shapes of the GM shoes. The merit of having made the Salento footwear district great with masterpieces appreciated all over the world is undeniable, and always had a clear mission: to protect and promote Italian excellence. As stated by the CEO GuidoMaggi, Emanuele Briganti: “Made In Italy will never die”.

The passion and creativity of brands such as GuidoMaggi make Italian fashion unique, celebrating it every day with haute couture masterpieces that makes it eternal. With his luxury elevator shoes GuidoMaggi gives the emotion of wearing pure beauty, the pride of a tenacious and seductive Made in Italy.