Emanuele Briganti, the young designer of the brand which has been making luxury shoes for over a century, explains how passion and talent, tradition and a strong identity make Italian excellence lasting

“Made in Italy will never die”. With this slogan Emanuele Briganti, young CEO and designer of GuidoMaggi, supports the family maison and accompanies it between international successes and acclaims. “The Italian style will be eternal as long as it is supported by solid companies with a great tradition such as GuidoMaggi. The brand I manage has been making genuine leather elevator shoes for over a century, finished by expert craftsmen with careful and sustainable processing. The flagship of Italian excellence, made of passion, talent and attention to the customer “. Yes, because each elevator shoe is a unique piece, shaped on the needs and personality of the individual, capable of telling a story and conveying emotions. “It is a brand with a strong identity – explains Briganti – where creativity naturally coexists with respect for people and the environment”.

GuidoMaggi’s strength lies in the unique ability to transform leathers into wearable masterpieces. The almost obsessive care in the handcrafting of the shoe is linked to that for the customer’s needs, in a virtuous circle that transforms the shoes into an emblem of true luxury. Up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) more in height, with a unique and exclusive style, with comfort and discretion, are an added value that only the brand can boast. A GuidoMaggi shoe gives self-esteem and elevate self-confidence through an accessory with an exclusive and personalized design.

The mission for Emanuele Briganti is to “focus on every aspect, from creation to realization, from raw materials to the smallest details up to sustainability, nothing should be left to chance. With a great family tradition behind, it is important for GuidoMaggi to enhance the leather and make it become the appearance of true beauty every time “. Starting from the assumption that personalization is the true luxury, GuidoMaggi is the brand par excellence of Made in Italy, where creativity, awareness and selection of raw materials are essential cornerstones. Made in Italy will never die until it is supported by companies like GuidoMaggi, a solid reality based on the winning mix of tradition and innovation. And innovation also means sustainability, attention to the environment and animals, energy saving and no waste. A unique modus operandi that determines the success and “immortality” of the GuidoMaggi fashion brand.