Total white elevator sneakers: the elegance of freedom

Dynamic and chic, GuidoMaggi elevator shoes for summer 2020 are characterized by exclusivity and style. Total White is the most appealing style choice to increase height by up to 4 inches

White lightens up summer: this is the perfect season to show it off in all its forms and shades. A dynamic, fresh and enthusiastic nuance, which can also be naturally chic. In addition to the white trousers, the warm season also requires total white elevator shoes to brighten and enhance the most varied outfits. Whether you want a casual or a more sporty look it doesn’t matter: white sneakers are the one for you to wear on every occasion.

Versatile, iconic and essential in the male wardrobe. Since their appearance in the 80s they have become the symbol of streetwear. An unstoppable success that still puts them in the list of the most desired shoes by consumers all over the world. However, among the wide variety of models available, you have to select carefully and always rely on excellence.

GuidoMaggi offer what’s impossible to find elsewhere: luxury shoes, made with fine leathers and, above all, capable of increasing the stature by up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) in total comfort and secrecy. That’s right! It is not a dream: for over 100 years there has been a brand that creates handmade -custom-made and bespoke- footwear, with an innovative design and a hidden elevator system that enhances the figure naturally and increases the confidence of the wearer. The elegance of GuidoMaggi never goes unnoticed, giving each outfit exclusivity and an impeccable style.

The warm season brings with it the dynamism of the new White Chocolate  sneaker, brand new in the spring-summer 2020 collection by GuidoMaggi. A unique sneaker made by hand in four materials featuring different shades of white: suede, breathable perforated fabric, patent leather and rubberized calfskin. A cool tribute to the legendary Jason William, one of the greatest basketball players in the NBA. An iconic sneaker, inspired by a sports legend, that can easily adapt to both casual and elegant outfits and is able to increase height up to 4 inches in absolute comfort.