How to look slimmer in style

Hints and tips to slim the figure, especially in summer. Not only dark and high-waisted garments, but above all, elevating footwear which gives up to 6 inches more in height

Summer is the season of trips, dinners and lunches outdoor with friends or evenings on the beach. To look at your best, after the sleepy winter months, some thought to get rid of the extra pounds in time for the summer, many others instead found themselves unprepared. But don’t worry! There are tricks and tips to look thinner in style.

Meanwhile, keep an eye on the choice of garments and colors. To cover up the extra pounds, better opt for light fabrics, such as linen, satin and cotton, which slide and soften the roundness. It would be ideal to prefer darker shades and vertical stripes. Choose fresh and light chinos or high-waisted trousers, possibly with a tailored cut that enhance the strengths and hide the weaknesses. No slim fit or tight models, of course, but light t-shirts and shirts for an outfit that will enhance your body shape at every occasion.

To help, there are also suspenders that slim the figure naturally and the hat, possibly not a model with a wide brim. In summer, the legendary straw hat becomes super popular: fun, versatile that gives an ironic and sparkling touch to your look. These are all clever tips that create an optical effect that is sure to be successful, but to concretely slim the figure and look actually thinner, the secret is to wear GuidoMaggi shoes. We are not talking about illusions in this case, but objectively gaining 6 inches (15 cm) more in height which definetely helps in slimming the figure.

GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are not simple accessories, but tailored masterpieces designed and created following the specific requests of each customer. Unique models, in fine leather, which increase height in total comfort and discretion. Not an just expedient to look leaner, but an exclusive style choice that, with those extra inches, will enhance your body from every point of view. You will be more elegant, you will have a unique allure, you will be taller and slimmer all thanks to GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, tailor-made for you by skilled craftsmen. For starters, you can choose the dynamic chunky sneakers for a sporty chic look that will not go unnoticed. But each GuidoMaggi model will win you over by workmanship and class: from loafers to lace-ups and sandals. Yes, because, also and especially on the beach or by the pool, it is important to show a body image. Enjoy the summer with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes on your feet, the only ones that can make you feel good, taller and thinner, in short, happier.