The World’s Largest Elevator Shoes Store – In the Heart of Europe

Now I have mostly bought my elevators online…in fact, what am I saying: I have  ALWAYS bought my elevators online, from my 4” Ischia to my 5” Shanghai to my 6” Hong Kong. But if I had the option, in the final analysis, I would just LOVE to be able to run riot in a shoeshop and check out the whole lot

There’s a good reason for wanting to do this – yes, buying online I have never made any ‘mistakes’ (“aaaargh, why did I buy THAT…?”). Never once said that. Delighted every time. But you know, actually seeing loads of things like a kid in a sweetshop DOES help you to make an even more informed decision. I have actually thought – “had I had everything in front of me, might I just have chosen something EVEN BETTER?”

What if?…

Do you ever buy something important and think: “what if I had actually seen ALL the alternatives. It also helps you in one move to think about your options. You may have thought ‘boots’ but then checking everything out, you might decide ‘office shoes’. Or in one move think about what you might do in the future as well, adding to your wardrobe. Or, more likely, thought “I must have those as well”.

Well if you can’t afford more than one pair right now, at least you know your next move in the fab game of adding height effectively, discreetly and undetectably.

Now if it was me going there, I would be taking all my different pairs of pants and shorts to decide what goes best with what elevator shoes. They’d have to keep the shop open after hours as I waded through all the alternatives.

And so the answer to your prayers is the world’s largest elevator shoe store. And it’s right in the heart of Europe – in Zurich, Switzerland to be precise.

It’s a place where there are over 150 styles in a broad range of sizes, so you can handle them, try them on and generally get the feel of something before you buy…the size thing is crucial, of course. Having such a wide range in so many sizes means that your visit will almost certainly be worthwhile.

The store experience – complements buying online

In a way, the best description of being able to actually see a big range right there in front of you is that the experience is complementary to looking online. Sure, buying online is highly convenient but we all know that it’s amazing to do it with the product in your hand.

The store is based close to Lake Zurich in the new Halten Business Centre – if you are in Europe it’s really convenient for customers in a whole load of countries nearby.
As Emanuele Briganti, CEO of GuidoMaggi, says: “Made in Italy will never die”, the opening of the Zurich store is another step towards confirming the international success of the brand, which holds the Made in Italy flag high in the world.

So in the A to Z of elevator shoes, Zurich is now the last word for choice, variety and style.