GuidoMaggi Bespoke Shoes: the Fashion Blogger’s Choice

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It’s one thing to aspire to be a fashion icon. It’s quite another to be recognized by fashion icons as such. The first is just a hope. The second is the realization of a worthwhile dream. As you continue to think about that, think about how desirable it would be to join those fashion icons in discovering the best way to increase height, elevate your fashion sense, and wear shoes that make you taller while flattering your appearance.

Luxury elevator shoes are something new in the World of fashion. As such, they get attention from fashion forward types, the first adapters. Vini Uehara, a Brazilian designer, blogger, model, and musician, not only touts the virtues of GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes, he actually helped design limited edition boots that are like no other. Best of all, these are actually bespoke footwear, and can be modified according to your personal preferences.

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Spanish fashionista Alberto Bennett, who has a powerful presence in the fashion World, is a staunch supporter of these shoes, and features them in his fashion suggestions. With over 1,100 fans on Lookbook, his influence is undisputed.

Another name in the fashion World is Gian Maria Sainato, an Italian blogger from Milan, with a serious following of over 27,000 on Lookbook. While he stands 5’11” in his stocking feet, he appreciates the lift GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes give him, along with the superb styling and elegant leather from which these shoes are made.

So, if you’re wondering about height increasing shoes as a fashion choice, wonder no more! You’ll find that one brand of ‘tall shoes’ raises more than just your height. They can give you the right look for just about any fashion choice you can make. From conservative dress to street grunge, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes are the right choice.