The Retro Look: Beatle Boots and Cuban Heels

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“Everything old is new again.” That’s especially true when it comes to fashion. Over the past 10 years, Beatle Boots have made a comeback. Made famous in the early 1960’s, these fashion icons have waxed and waned in popularity. Now, they’re waxing again.

chelsea picker

As a fashion statement, being tall (and looking tall) is now a hot trend. That trend isn’t limited to just one particular style of footwear (like those disastrous platform boots of the Goth persuasion). Men who don’t espouse an Alternative lifestyle can get shoes that make you look taller without making you look ridiculous. The Beatle boot and its cousin, the Cuban heel, have become mainstays of increasing height and being fashionable, because they have withstood the test of Time.

The actual style of the Beatle boot is a modification of the Chelsea boot, adding a center seam stitch from ankle to toe. As for Cuban heels, these are modifications of the Flamenco boot, which was designed for Flamenco dancing, but without the added nails in the toe and heel for emphasizing the noise when dancing. Both of these boot styles have proven to be flexible, style-wise, and can dress up or down, from flattering highly tailored pants to ripped blue jeans.

In fact, about the only place where these styles might be inappropriate would be for conservative business dress (or the beach). That’s because their look has entered the mainstream of fashion, and doesn’t present a jarring look that contrasts with today’s apparel choices. So, the choice for you to make is either the Beatle boot or Cuban heel. Take some time to think about your wardrobe as it is, and the venues where you will be wearing the boots. Then, go ahead and buy both!