White and Classy: Best Choice for the Summer

This year men’s fashion dives into white as celebrities and fashion icons are exploring the possibilities of this classy and elegant choice. The truth is, you can’t go wrong with a light outfit during the summer, as long as you combine it with the proper white GuidoMaggi shoes.

The heat of the summer is much more bearable with the proper outfit on and comfortable footwear. Although green has proven to be quite a dominant color this summer, it is not the only preferable choice for fashion lovers. Once again this year, white, in all of its shades, bring out the best of summer outfits and can be a quite modern yet sophisticated look that almost anyone can pull off. In other words, you cannot go wrong with a white combination of light clothes and comfortable white shoes as the final touch of your summer outfit.

Celebrities, influencers, and fashion lovers are all loving the classy, simplistic white combinations, and the color was also dominant on the Parisian catwalks, in most of the larger fashion brands that made their appearance.

Italian World Cup-winning footballer Francesco Totti recently made an appearance in a completely white costume that immediately became a must-have fashion trend for fans and fashionistas. However, not everyone can pull out the look, and you need to be extra careful when picking up the complementary accessories. For example, make sure that you are wearing the perfect pair of shoes that go hand in hand with the outfit of your preference. If you are aiming for perfection and that classy gentleman look, you need to make the proper choices.

GuidoMaggi offers the best footwear choices for the summer, and the Italian brand does not fall back when it comes to fashion trends. Some of the shoe models come in white, and they can be your perfect footwear choice for the summer. What makes the brand stand out, apart from the high-quality materials and exquisite craftsmanship, is the fact that all GuidoMaggi Shoes come with a discrete rise that can increase your posture up to 11 cm.

With that being said, let’s see our preferred choices for this summer.

If you want to excel your stylish look, Enna is an excellent choice for you.  They are full white slip-on shoes made from breathable light fabric and tone-on-tone sole from natural leather, from the GuidoMaggi summer collection. Not only are these shoes comfortable and chic, but they will also increase your posture up to 6 cm. They are an ideal choice for this summer, as they go with both classy outfits as well as a more casual combination.

If you want something different and even lighter alternative, for the summer, you won’t go wrong with the Saint Kitts raised white sandals. They are handcrafted with Velcro straps, and a comfortable footbed lined with full-grain leather. The model is extremely comfortable, and is excellent for a holiday on the sea, walks on the Riviera, or a boat cruise. The GuidoMaggi sandals will subtly increase your height up to 5cm.

Finally, for those who want that old-school casual hip hop look, these chunky white sneakers will be an excellent choice for the summer. The Giant White Bear sneakers come with a rise that can vary from 6 to 11 cm, providing you with a subtle posture rise and extreme comfort. Although they are perfect for casual events, these white luxury sports shoes, when combined properly, can be incredibly fashionable and chic.