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Elevator Shoes: preserving the traditional Italian method

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Founded in 1895 by Italian Alessandro Berluti, the Berluti brand has become one of the most respected in the art of high fashion. The manufacturer of menswear has garnered worldwide fanfare for its use of unique materials such as kangaroo leather and alligator skin in the production of luxury shoes and boots for the masses. With a commitment to excellence in all aspects, Berluti remains a trusted source for fine Italian craftsmanship, and continues to stun audiences with exceptional goods of outstanding design.

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GuidoMaggi is one other brand dedicated to preserving the art of fine Italian craftsmanship. The elevator shoe brand strives to offer the very latest in trends, created by a team of talented designers with a vast knowledge of the fashion world. There are luxurious loafers ideal for lounging, while dress shoes and boots serve a great purpose in elevating your style for important events. Height increasing sneakers and sandals are a great option for instances where comfort is key.

Elegance personified, GuidoMaggi shoes lend an unmistakable dose of luxury to any wardrobe. Aside from a meticulous attention to detail during construction, the shoes are made with the highest quality materials for extended durability. Quite simply, these shoes are made to last. Choose from an array of world-class materials like ostrich or piracucu, or customize your very own unique pair with different color, cut and heel height options.

From elevator sneakers, to elevator boots with the power to transform your entire look in an instant, GuidoMaggi’s extensive selection of height increasing footwear does much more than extend your stature. Edgy, sleek and sophisticated, these shoes are intended to provide confidence, and lots of it. Boost your height, your style and your comfort levels at once with shoes that make a statement. Whether you’re a laid back dresser with an affinity for the classics, or a fashion lover who prefers to push the envelope whenever possible, GuidoMaggi shoes are your ticket to a stylish summer.

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