The World of Bruno Bordese beautifully intersects Elevator Shoes

Shoe designer Bruno Bordese has made quite the impact in his time on the fashion scene. On his path to sartorial superstardom, Bruno Bordese has collaborated with a number of famed design houses, including Casadei, Rochas Paris and Robert Cavalli. This in-depth fashion knowledge has helped launch his brand to new heights of success. 

Bordese’s experience in the fashion industry is as diverse as his collection of footwear. He worked with Cesare Paciotti for ten years, learning the ins and outs of the fashion house. Another five years were spent with Alberto Guardiani. His outstanding experience has garnered respect from some of the industry’s most brilliant minds, including Vivienne Westwood, with whom he collaborated with for six years. He has also served as a consultant for brands like Moschino and Yohji Yamamoto, further adding to his long list of experience in the fashion realm. 

elevator loafers

In 1995, the fashion designer sought to create his own brand of shoes, and the rest is as they say history. Well aware the concept of the sneaker had been invented in the past, Bordese sent to revive it, to put his own spin on the classic shoe. He’s achieved this many times over, offering a wide and diverse range of sneakers for the masses with Italian-made footwear crafted with extreme quality. 

Above all, Bordese’s aesthetic appeals to youth. Young men from the world over have looked to Bordese for stylish sneakers boasting an incredible amount of edge. They have become his following, and they’re a demographic he is happy to appeal to. His clientele also include international DJs and dance lovers. 

While Bordese is well-versed in the art of the shoe, he recently sought to compile a collection of clothing that speaks to his personal aesthetic. What came of this was a 30-piece capsule collection filled with an array of pieces boasting his own particular sense of style. The mini collection was filled with leather, used on sweatshirts, jackets, and motorcycle pants. With his shoes as his inspiration, he continues to bring forth new, exciting ideas to fashion, attracting a new generation of stylish gentlemen to his craft. 

GuidoMaggi, also made in Italy, seeks to bridge the gap between sophistication and edge in elevator footwear. Created for the modern gentlemen, GuidoMaggi shoes are custom-made to reflect superior comfort. The label includes a wide variety of extraordinary styles, made from some of Italy’s finest materials. From rare leathers, to high-quality rubber, the brand stops at nothing in providing a collection of elevator shoes built with quality in mind. Aside from dress shoes designed to celebrate life’s special events, GuidoMaggi also includes a diverse range of height increasing loafers, sneakers and boots, each adding inches of height to improve style and stature at once. This is GuidoMaggi’s goal.