The elevator shoes to be taller even this summer

Men’s shoes for warm weather are generally slimmer, lighter, lower on the ankle, and often open. This is why it is commonly believed that it is more difficult to achieve stature gain with internal elevating systems. But this is a false myth.

In fact, we at GuidoMaggi have always produced a collection of elevator shoes for the spring/summer season that are no match for winter shoes, either in design or in their elevating effect. Summer elevator shoes can also help create a taller and slimmer look, even more when they are combined with a lengthening look.

So let’s take a look together at the trendiest elevated shoes to wear in these warm months so you don’t have to give up a noticeable height gain even when the temperatures get scorching.


The elevator sneakers for leisure (and more)

Sports shoes are worn even in winter, but it is in summer that we make almost daily use of them. Sneakers go perfectly with men’s looks dedicated to leisure: a walk on the waterfront, a trip out of town, a dinner with friends are all occasions in which men now wear nothing but a pair of sneakers with casual, cool, sporty and disengaging clothing. But this type of footwear is now also cleared through customs in many workplaces where there is no stringent dress code, and it is increasingly fashionable to wear a pair of total white or total black sneakers even under a suit or a business look.

So your summer shoe rack can’t miss a pair of elevator sneakers, or if you don’t like laces a pair of elevators lip-ons with the same sporty mood. With these shoes by GuidoMaggi you can increase your height by 6 to 8 centimeters in total naturalness. If you are on your first pair of elevator sneakers, the advice is to go for a neutral color that you will wear with everything, such as white, beige, gray or black. If you have many sneakers in your wardrobe, you can indulge in completing the collection with a colorful pair. First, though, take a look at your closet to identify the colors you wear the most.

Style tips: for a lengthening look, don’t pair elevator sneakers with oversized clothing, avoid pinafores and choose horts that come above the knee, vertical and subtle striped patterns, dark colors and V-necks.


Elevator sandals for the beach and warmer days

Even men who already wear elevator shoes year-round, often resign themselves to wearing a pair of flimsy sandals at the beach, thinking that there are no solutions for increasing men’s stature with a pair of open shoes. That’s why at GuidoMaggi we have come up with a collection of men’s elevator sandals that allow for a real increase in stature. So that you never lose that self-confidence you gained with elevator shoes throughout the rest of the year.

If wearing elevator shoes has turned your life around, or if you want to start just this summer experimenting with this solution to short stature, then a pair of elevator sandals will be perfect to wear on the most scorching days of the year. Those from the GuidoMaggi collection offer you a two-inch increase in height that you’ll never achieve with any other regular sandal. Whatever the occasion of use, beach, boat, pool or simply to stay light on the hottest days or during your long tourist walks, you no longer have to give up being taller in summer.

Style tips: for a lengthening look pair elevator sandals with swimsuits and shorts that reach above the knee, never oversize: for shirts and t-shirts avoid patterns with large designs, but favor small designs, V-necks and monochromatic looks that can lengthen the figure.


Wedding elevator shoes for special occasions

Spring and summer are the season of ceremonies: weddings, communions and christenings require us to have in our closet at least one outfit suitable for this type of occasion. And never more than in this case do we have the desire to feel comfortable, beautiful and, above all, taller, if stature has always been a worry of ours. With a pair of GuidoMaggi elevator formal shoes, the dream of feeling on top during receptions and celebrations can become a reality.

Those who have already discovered that feeling of personal satisfaction given by the increase in stature by wearing elevator shoes must have in their shoe rack also a pair of wedding shoes with their favorite elevation, from 6 to 10 centimeters. This way, even for a sudden and upcoming event, you will never have to give up the new height you have gained with the footwear you wear every day. And if you’ve never tried on a pair of luxury elevator shoes, a special occasion like a wedding can certainly be a good way to start experiencing what it feels like to finally achieve the height of your dreams. You can choose the right pair based on your personal taste, between lace-up and buckled shoes, and you can choose the color based on the outfit you already have in your closet or the one you are about to buy.

Style tips: For a lengthening look, match your pair of formal elevator shoes with a tailored suit capable of enhancing your physique. With the tailor you can modify your suit so that it makes you look even taller: for example, a little trick is to shorten the jacket slightly. Avoid double-breasted jackets and choose slim lapels and ties.