James Goldstein: the Millionaire with a Casual-Chic Rock Style

James Goldstein, the eccentric 79 year old American millionaire, is known for his  chic rock style. Channel his rockstar look with some of these luxury elevator shoes and leather jackets…

Known for his eccentric fashion choices, his glamorous home and his passion for basketball, James Goldstein has somewhat of an air of mystery about him. At almost 80 years old, the American millionaire is a dedicated fan of professional basketball and has attended thousands of games. He travels by private plane across the United States to watch NBA games and playoffs and can be mostly be found sitting in courtside seats at the home games of the LA Lakers and LA Clippers.

At just under 5 foot 7 inches tall, James Goldstein may lack the height of some of his basketball player friends, but his confidence and clever styling would suggest that he is actually much taller.

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