Elevator Loafers – a Dream Come True

moccasin elevator shoes, height increasing loafers, slip on tall shoes

Until recently, the idea of slip on elevator shoes was just a dream. Because of the way shoe lifts have worked in the past, it was considered impractical to add them to a moccasin-style shoe, because they would be too unstable for the wearer to walk comfortably.

That’s because most elevator shoes are just regular shoes with inserts added as an afterthought. If you have any experience with mass produced ‘tall shoes’, you’ll know that these cheaply made shoes don’t offer a comfortable fit, or last for very long. The added lift inside the shoe cramps the foot, and often collapses after a short period of time.

moccasin elevator shoes, height increasing loafers, slip on tall shoes

It took a passionate leader, with a vision of what could be possible, to create a handmade pair of loafers that increase height, are comfortable to wear, and look amazing. Using only premium leathers and cutting edge lift technology, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes offers a complete line of loafers that elevate more than your height. These shoes, available in Moc (moccasin) and Penny Loafer styles, are fashionable, give you sure-footed comfort and raise your stature 6.5 cm.

These loafers are the perfect blend of casual comfort, style, and just the right amount of lift for long-term wear. Plus, the new lifts in all GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes have a ‘memory foam’ layer that conforms to the shape of your foot. That means even more sure-footed wear, all day long.

Match these shoes to your favorite casual wear: jeans, shorts, cargo pants – whatever works for your recreational style and activity. You can view the complete line of Loafers here. GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes – style, comfort, luxury, and increased height, from Italy.