You can be taller: the secret is in science but also style choices

Wearing GuidoMaggi elevator shoes will add up to an extra 15 centimetres to your height. With GM elevator shoes, you’ll get taller with style and with the utmost discretion and absolute comfort.

Is growing taller possible? Today the answer is yes. For those who had given up all hopes, science comes to the aid and shows us tricks and suggestions on gaining extra centimetres. Because, as the Italian say goes, “height is half the beauty”. And you don’t always have to accept Mother Nature’s decisions. Slimming the figure is possible. Only in this way can we feel better about ourselves, more confident on every occasion, and greater self-esteem.

You can only grow with the help of science and style. Don’t rely on magic potions, teas or advertised miracle gimmicks to gain extra inches. We must focus only on medicine and make-up when it comes to the look. Only in this way will you succeed in your intent. Here are some tips for achieving your goal.

Relying on science

You can rely on medicine to stretch the spine. You can reach up to 3 cm more, but with a lot of time and a lot of effort. Surgery involves a long and painful operation to lengthen the legs with the insertion of some discs. If you don’t want to undergo this surgery, then rely on specific exercises.

Exercises to increase height

If the bones cannot stretch, the cartilage can. Sure, the results come, but it’s not easy. The body’s growth plates are open for up to 18 years. Then, you can do some exercises that help in the growth of the muscles of the body. These are stretching exercises that make the body more flexible.

The hair cut

The physical appearance affects the figure. Even a simple optical illusion, designed explicitly with the right choices in terms of look, can have miraculous effects. So, you can grow in height with little tricks that streamline the silhouette. One of them is the haircut. If a person is short, they should choose a short cut on the sides and thicker on the head’s top. In this way, you get two results: the optical illusion of being taller and a thinner face.

The choices in clothing

A man must be careful when choosing an outfit because he risks looking even shorter with the wrong clothes. First of all, the jackets must always be short and with straight shoulders and vertical lines that elongate the figure’s optical effect. The ideal would be a tailored garment, sewn on purpose to make the wearer look taller. The most slender garments are shirts, t-shirts and sweaters that are not too long. This allows for lengthening the perception of the legs, which is the first visual index of height. Those who want to appear taller must opt ​​for a slim fit cut, starting with the pants.

The right colour

To look taller, always opt for dark colours, mainly black, which, in addition to lengthening, also makes look thinner. You might not think so, but the colour can go a long way when you want to appear a few inches taller. The single-coloured garments are always winning, both the basic ones (black, white, beige, grey, dark blue, etc.) and the more decisive shades. The same colour’s two-piece clothing makes the trunk and legs stand out, naturally creating a more slender look.

The GuidoMaggi elevator shoes

All the suggestions given so far lead to limited results, mostly due to a perspective illusion. The solution to those who want to gain height is to rely on GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, 100% made in Italy and made to measure.

The GM elevator shoes have an externally invisible rise that adds up to 15 centimetres in height. It’s not possible to have more and better than this. Each elevator shoe from the Lecce fashion house is unique, made specifically for the individual customer. It is a masterpiece of class and refinement, attention to detail, contemporary design and fine leather. The lifting system is discreet but, above all, comfortable. You can wear GuidoMaggi shoes safely all day long. Plus, the model selection is excellent. From sneakers to classics, from amphibians to ankle boots, each GM model may conquer you with its clean lines and extreme elegance. A must-have in any male’s wardrobe. A gift to be given not just to look taller but to be taller.