Formal-informal 2021: GuidoMaggi embodies the desire for normality and to always be oneself

There is a need to go back to the essence of true luxury: an exquisite wardrobe filled with tailor-made elevator shoes, suitable for all occasions. GuidoMaggi’s casual-chic style sets the standard and never disappoints.

What defines the new trends of 2021? Indeed the desire for normality, a formal and informal mix that expresses the need to always be yourself. After a challenging year, marked by the pandemic, there is a widespread desire to live without unnecessary frills, without forcing oneself into bizarre fashions far from reality. The major fashion houses know this: a ban on fast fashion, what matters now is the essential. The need to enjoy true luxury, lasting and personalized, is back. The formal-informal outfit is trendy once again, suitable for any moment of the day, without following the usual aesthetic standards.

This has always been GuidoMaggi’s mission: to satisfy the desire for freedom, individuality, to dress up and feel good without any imposed canons. New trends of 2021 already marked a return to the past; now, there is also a powerful desire for an essential, lasting fashion tailored to everyone’s needs. This is precisely what the Lecce brand does: GM creates tailor-made and personalized elevator shoes for men. A masterpiece of haute couture that satisfies the sense of true luxury: one that lasts over time, an evergreen with an ever-chic soul. The style of GuidoMaggi elevator shoes is your style; each model is moulded around you to give you the thrill of wearing a unique and exclusive shoe handmade with the finest leathers.

Being yourself, thanks to GuidoMaggi, has never been so natural. The lifting system that gives up to 15 centimetres of extra height, discreetly and in maximum comfort, is a unique added value. The new elevator models of the Lecce brand are masterpieces that adapt to the outfits of the moment: high-necked sweaters, coats, padded jackets and classic jackets. Men’s fashion seems to soften but doesn’t give up its chic soul. The search for precious leathers, worked with care by master artisans, an innovative design and customization, make GuidoMaggi men’s shoes indispensable in the 2021 winter wardrobe. They are all versatile, exclusive and dynamic models, suitable for any occasion, both casual and not.

Each GuidoMaggi model is a perfect hybrid: the right dose of formal and informal that manages to adhere to every need perfectly. The new GM elevator shoes are ideal for recent fashion trends too: elegant but casual, informal but with style. From sneakers to boots, passing through moccasins, derbies or Chelsea boots, each new GuidoMaggi model adapts to your style, defines and enriches it with a substantial rise that increases not only your height but also your charm. It’s the men’s elevator shoe of the moment: you can’t give up the unique style of a handcrafted masterpiece that gives your look a distinctive trait and timeless allure.