The USA, from the President to the citizens: everyone is crazy about leather and elevator shoes

The White House’s occupant is about to change, but the Americans’ love for leathergarments and passion for GuidoMaggi elevator shoes doesn’t change. They’re always appreciated and desired because they represent the best of Made in Italy.

The President will change, but the love for real leather remains intact. Thus, the White House’s new tenant, Joe Biden (1.81 cm tall), wears a leather bomber jacket confidently, while his deputy Kamala Harris wears leather shoes with great class. The passion for leather also embraces the footwear worn by Americans. Many of them choose the unique and unmistakable style made in Italy. Many have fallen in love with the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes. Even overseas, it’s become a brand synonym of excellence that attracts proselytes.

Speaking of Presidents, it seems that even Trump himself, despite being over 1.85 meters tall, loves to wear elevator shoes to further slim his figure and improve his body proportions. However, it is well known that men of power have clear ideas and always choose height increasing shoes on official occasions.

Vladimir Putin – 170 cm – and the North Korean Kim Jong-Un, the Polish leader Jarosław Kaczyński, 167 cm tall, and Nicolas Sarkozy (165 cm) stand out among the powerful men of Earth who wear elevator shoes. The list is long. In Italy, among the politicians who do not stand out in stature, it’s worth mentioning Luigi Di Maio, 1.70cm tall and Silvio Berlusconi, about 1.65cm tall and a great fan of elevator shoes.

Each of them shares the same need: to wear comfortable and well-made elevator shoes, which can best combine the need to be taller while being impeccable. Only GuidoMaggi height increasing shoes meet powerful men’s needs: tailor-made, with fine leathers, worked by skilled craftsmen. They are the quintessence of elegance and style: The best for a leader, the only ones able to increase his charisma by adding up to 15 centimetres to his stature.

The shortest Presidents in US history have been Martin Van Buren, Benjamin Harrison, and James Madison, who were well short of five feet. We are sure that they too would have chosen to wear quality shoes by GuidoMaggi. Because prestige, elegance and good looks can also be measured in centimetres: it’s a fact. And from being the leader of a great country like the US, it becomes imperative to always look impeccable.