Emanuele Briganti: in 2021, true luxury is all about handcrafted shoes that last for over time

The GuidoMaggi art director tells the secrets behind a worldwide leading brand’s success: the importance of rediscovering the values ​​of beauty, that last over the years while keeping its allure unchanged.

“True luxury today is given by garments and accessories that last over time because they are made with an all-Italian craftsmanship based on skills, passion and respect for tradition”. Thus begins Emanuele Briganti, the young art director of the GuidoMaggi Maison, revealing the mood that inspires the elevator shoes he produces. Masterpieces that convey emotions to those who wear them. A product of excellence that lasts, and can be repaired should time and wear damage it because it’s a product made with discretion. For over ten years, Briganti has held the family business’s reins, guiding it towards the future with tenacity and resolution. We interviewed him to learn the secrets of the world-famous Lecce brand of elevator shoes.

Emanuele, what’s your secret, and the secret of GuidoMaggi?

“In my work, I try to give my best, I always look for perfection, and the attention to details is something I love. Thanks to my great-grandfather, the family forefather, I learned to know and respect the work of the master craftsmen, among the greatest creatives in the world. They are the ones who make our elevator shoes, they work precious leathers by hand and turn them into masterpieces to wear. They too are the reason behind the success of GuidoMaggi, a brand that has achieved international recognition. GM elevator shoes are the most popular among VIPs and celebrities who want to look taller without sacrificing elegance. Team spirit, honesty, sharing of values and quality are all our other features: the elements that allow the GuidoMaggi brand’s success. Our goal is not to be great, but to be excellent”.

Who is the man GuidoMaggi goes to?

“GuidoMaggi is a brand that has achieved international recognition: GM elevator shoes are the most popular among VIP celebrities and powerful men who want to appear taller without sacrificing elegance. We focus on those who wish to be taller and those who want to increase their charm by wearing shoes of the highest quality. Regardless of the height, GuidoMaggi means the excellence of the product, exclusive design and incomparable style. These are tailor-made elevator shoes that can satisfy any of the wishes of those who wear them. For this reason, they are a product that can tell a story: the quintessence of luxury tailored to each customer. I always like to create new proposals, to suggest different combinations like sneakers with a leather internal elevator system, combined with a classic Gucci dress. Only in this way can everyone wear a lifting model that suits them best and build their own unique identity. We focus on those who know how to appreciate the craftsmanship, products made with skills and attention to detail, and those who know how to see the beauty and the true essence of luxury in GuidoMaggi elevator shoes, 100% made in Italy. When you wear a GuidoMaggi shoe, you’ll feel the exclusive details, invisible from the outside, such as the calf leather lining, the upper in full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, the waxed laces, the sole in Italian leather. These are all elements that enrich the value and comfort of our product.

Where do you get inspiration from for your creations?

“From everything that surrounds me: a walk, a colour, a new fabric, a sunset. I love working in close contact with our master craftsmen, in a creative synergy that gives an extraordinary added value to GuidoMaggi elevator shoes”.

How can you not lose the magic of a leading brand in the world?

There is no marketing strategy behind our success. We make shoes that last over time: this is the true modernity and luxury. The excitement of a meeting in our showrooms is perceived every time the customer is in front of a GuidoMaggi creation, touches the delicate leather, wears handmade elevator shoes. They understand that they are wearing our story, and it can tell them more about themselves at the same time.