The elevator chelsea boots to wear this winter

From casual to formal, GuidoMaggi chelsea boots reveal their exclusive and refined soul. The only ones to offer, together with the high tailoring and the customization, also an increase in height up to 4 inches

They are not just ankle boots, but icons of style. Chelsea boots dominate the high fashion catwalks and can be easily worn with casual chic or formal outfits. They give a unique touch, typical of the British style.

They never betray their origin: English and noble. These boots date back to the Victorian era. They were first created in 1851 by J. Sparkes-Hall, Queen Victoria’s shoemaker, who made them for both men and women. At first, they were riding boots, then they saw a period of slow decline. We have to wait until the 1950s for them to be named chelsea, when a group of young artists, including Mary Quant and Jean Shrimpton, begin to hang out in west London, near Chelsea. They wear ankle boots with elastic panels that are precisely renamed “chelsea boots”.

The triumph comes in the 60s when they became the favorite footwear of the Beatles, so much that they earned the nickname of Beatle boots.

Their constant presence at high fashion shows confirms the huge success. These ankle boots have become a must have in the male wardrobe, alongside combat boots. The classic model, thanks to the essential lines and the practical fit – which has no laces, but side elastics panels – has become a must have. With a minimal design, the slip-on style of the Chelsea boot makes it quite attractive. They are perfect with any style of clothing, from jeans to chinos and even suits.

GuidoMaggi elevator Chelsea boots have, as usual, an extra gear. They are the only models that not only ensure refinement and quality of the materials used, but have a discreet and comfortable elevator system that gives up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) more in height, slimming the figure and also increasing the charm of the wearer. From casual to formal, here are the models that you cannot miss and that you can wear for any occasion.

In classic blue, the pantone color of 2020, Tyler is a chelsea boot handcrafted by the skilled GuidoMaggi artisans. For its clean lines and its versatility it is ideal to combine with any type of outfit. In full-grain calfskin, it has tone-on-tone side elastic panels and real leather sole. Tyler conquers for its design which is a right mix of classic and contemporary. Up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) more in height, with a 100% made in Italy masterpiece.When the best of Made in Italy meets the British style, extraordinary chelsea boots like Arlington are born. This GuidoMaggi elevator boot, made to measure and personalized, has a seductive brown suede upper and zip closure. Up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) in height with discretion and comfort, for a model that embodies the canons of modernity and those of tradition. An exlusive boot, perfect for those who love to feel elegant even with more casual outfits.Radiating the light of true luxury, Arles is the Chelsea boot that projects you into the Olympus of excellent footwear. The elevator model signed by GuidoMaggi has the warm and persuasive tones of brown. Handmade and tailored by the artisans of the Lecce maison in polished calf leather, it has a  refined shiny effect that gives it an innate elegance. From the iconic design with flower decoration perforated by hand on the square toe, Arles is a height increasing  boot capable of adding by up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) in height and suitable for special occasions.More casual but certainly no less sophisticated is Cardiff, the chelsea boot with a high shaft in dark brown calfskin. It is hand-perforated and has tone-on-tone side elastics. A classic line with a contemporary appeal. Versatile and practical, Cardiff is able to increase the overall height by 4 inches (10 cm).