Fashion trends 2021: a rediscovery of the past as a refuge of beauty

 2021 marks the classic style’s return: a confirmation to the evergreen importance of elegance and style. GuidoMaggi confirms its leadership with height increasing shoes that never forget tradition but have a strong contemporary soul, tailored to satisfy the desire for luxury of true connoisseurs.

Cultural and economic changes affect fashion trends: today, we look for solidity and beauty more than anything else, which we find in the classic style and tradition. Inevitably, this new attitude also has an impact on menswear, which in 2021 rediscovers the value of haute couture and sustainability. Two sides of the same coin: GuidoMaggi, a brand that embodies the Made in Italy excellence, always works towards these two directions and will continue to do so in the new year too. 2021 is a year that will bring difficult challenges that must be faced with firm feet. The Lecce-based maison finds its strength and passion in the centenary tradition that has transformed it into a brand capable of combining past and future, creating bespoke and customizable elevator shoes, capable of arousing emotions and telling a story. The slow luxury we talked about often becomes a beauty to be savoured fully with GuidoMaggi, while enjoying every little detail made with passion and skill.

The days of fast fashion are over, crushed by the economic crisis in 2020 caused by the pandemic and that compromised the supplies of fashion houses. Only brands that made craftsmanship as their most vital attribute will be able to survive. The authentic made in Italy is represented by GuidoMaggi, which has always made tall shoes relying exclusively on expert craftsmen’s skill and with the finest raw materials. These are added values that can only be rewarding in times of crisis, from the point of view of sustainability and the circular economy.

The rush to fashion shows, expos and events that follow one another, uninterrupted, in the high fashion industry, gives way to better thought out and classy creations. The GM models of the new collection reflect a timeless yet contemporary style. Reflection of what true connoisseurs are looking for: luxury height increasing shoes, sturdy, finished in every detail, tailor-made and able to improve our well-being. Besides, in addition to being masterpieces of haute couture, GuidoMaggi shoes allow you to gain up to 6 inches (15 centimetres) in height in total comfort and discretion: a solution to increase our charm and our self-esteem.

The new GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are a triumph of Italian style: handcrafted masterpieces explicitly designed for each customer. Models and shades reflect the most glamorous trends of the moment but do not give in to standards. These are unique pieces, shoes to wear as if they were jewels. A return to timeless silhouettes, emphasizing the style heritage that belongs to us, emerged powerfully in 2020 and laid the foundations for 2021. The result is a return to a more comfortable, versatile fashion, replacing flaunting luxury with one to experience fully. The sweater (especially the cardigans), the suit’s return and a greater focus on denim show a return to origins that brings minimalist menswear to the next level. It’s in this context that the GuidoMaggi elevator shoes fit in, by introducing a note of elegance and refinement that will complete your outfit, making it impeccable.