How to look taller in your winter coat

It’s the must have of the winter, every man has one in his wardrobe and wears it on various occasions. In order not to look shorter, it should be worn with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes: the only ones that ensure elegance and elongate your figure

The cold weather is approaching and a garment that all men are fond of is ready to be worn from the winter wardrobe: the coat.

This season it is a real must have, to show off and not only on formal occasions. The coat, in fact, has now been rejuvenated from its sleepy halo that smacked of an outdated classic. Today, revised and renewed with contemporary nuances and styles, it conquers the catwalks and is ready to warm you up again this winter. The new men’s coat of the season is renewed, exploring new shapes and materials.

Typical of the man who wants to look distinguished and refined, the coat is a garment that must be chosen with care because it goes beyond one season. Especially the elegant knee-length ones, the caban (or pea coat) and the duffle coat are garments so precious that last a lifetime.

Single or double-breasted, the coat always features a sartorial imprint, fine fabrics and refined details. A cornerstone of the elegant man’s wardrobe, which is traditionally recommended only for those with a slender figure, in other words for tall men.

So should others give up on a stylish coat because of their short stature? Absolutely not. To gain extra inches in height and also increase your charm, the important thing is to wear the coat with a pair of elevator chelsea boot or lace-ups by GuidoMaggi.

The only height increasing shoes entirely handmade and customisable, which add up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) more in height in total comfort and discretion.

Whether it’s the classic camel color or the dark double-breasted, or wheather you choose classic patterns such as Prince of Wales check, houndstooth and herringbone, it doesn’t matter. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the best choice to wear with your winter coat. Traditional craftsmanship 100% made in Italy. GuidoMaggi elevator shoes are the only ones that elevate the figure with charm and style, allowing even those with a short stature to apper taller and feel confident wearing a long coat.