It’s time to start again: with GuidoMaggi elevator shoes comes back the pleasure of taking care of yourself

To return to normality in style, the right choice is GM: handmade and tailor-made elevator shoes that enhance your desire to feel good.

The pandemic has taken its toll on us, but it has also made us rediscover the pleasure of taking care of ourselves. We have changed our habits, focusing more on what makes us feel good, satisfies us and adheres to our needs. Today, after months of imprisonment and renunciations, the return to life is increasingly imminent. This new trend is beginning to materialize: there is a desire to resume socializing at full speed after being abruptly interrupted by the health emergency. To get dressed, go out, show off glamorous outfits, but always in line with our taste.

GuidoMaggi, the brand that manufactures bespoke and rigorously handmade elevator shoes for men, is ready to face new challenges and satisfy the unique needs of its customers.

“To boost the economy – says Emanuele Briganti, CEO and creative director of GuidoMaggi – travels, events, parties and weddings must resume in complete safety. Our hope and goal are to return to pre-Covid levels by 2022. There is a strong desire to resume our habits”. Meanwhile, the market itself has changed. “The time needed from shoe’s creation to production has been reduced. This – explains Briganti – implies greater creativity and personalization”. Through the on-demand service offered by GuidoMaggi, it’s possible to define your lifting model in detail. The research and development department works hard to adapt to each customer’s needs”. “You need concreteness, the solidity typical of true luxury: the GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is the essence of beauty that makes you feel good about yourself. An elevator shoe that gives self-confidence increases not only height but also self-esteem. Feeling good has become something to achieve by choosing excellence. After losing our freedom, there is a great desire to return to live our sociability to the fullest, wearing the best Italian style, proudly represented by the GM elevator shoes. The customization we’ve been offering for some time now becomes even more strategic”, reveals the CEO of the Lecce fashion house.

The ability to adhere perfectly to the customer’s needs has been part of the brand’s DNA since its creation. Elegance and dynamism are the keywords of the GuidoMaggi brand: “We must adapt to the new needs of consumers without ever losing sight of our identity and the value of know-how. And GuidoMaggi has been doing its elevator shoes well for over 100 years: a product of excellence, 100% made in Italy, entirely shaped on the needs and style of the end customer. The respect for tradition and craftsmanship goes perfectly with the innovative and sustainable spirit of the Lecce Maison.

The know-how acquired from a centenary tradition, started by the great-grandfather Guido Maggi, is renewed with Emanuele Briganti and thanks to his dense network of international relations cultivated over time. The CEO divides his time between Italy and the United States, weaving friendship and business relationships with directors, producers and actors of the calibre of Tom Cruise and Johnny Depp and music myths such as Mick Jagger and Lenny Kravitz. All great admirers of the Lecce fashion house, who appreciate the unique style and the discreet and comfortable lifting system. “Thanks to our empathic abilities and talent – he reveals – we can interpret the needs of Hollywood and Bollywood stars who have GuidoMaggi as a point of reference, the only brand capable of creating tailor-made shoes for them, handmade and always glamorous”.

“GuidoMaggi – continues Briganti – is a brand around which a large community revolves. Covid has never stopped the company. Last year we inaugurated our Zurich showroom, and we are planning new openings in Rome, New York and Los Angeles. Everything will start again with renewed energy. We are ready for new challenges, and this time only beautiful things await us. Among these, elevator shoes made with passion, class and attention to detail; elevator shoes created to give extra height, with style and discretion. If we don’t invest in the future, how can we expect our customers to do so? Last year, opportunities for wearing elevator shoes were few and far between. Now, however, optimism prevails, and the desire to go out wearing a pair of high-quality shoes made especially for us by expert craftsmen is higher than ever. A gift that we deserve especially today when we return to live fully”.