Emanuele Briganti: GuidoMaggi elevator shoes represent luxury capable of countering the crisis of our time

Emanuele Briganti is the young CEO of GuidoMaggi, a leading brand in luxury, handmade and tailor-made shoes. An all-Italian excellence that, despite the crisis of this particular historical period, continues to collect outstanding achievements and appreciations worldwide. But what is the reason behind the success of GuidoMaggi men’s elevator shoes? The owner of the Lecce fashion house tells us in this interview.

Briganti, how did your entrepreneurial adventure begin?

The company has existed for three generations since my great-grandfather Guido Maggi started making handmade shoes around the 1920s. His talent was so extraordinary that he soon found himself making bespoke footwear even for the Savoy family. In the 1950s, production was discontinued. About ten years ago, I decided to continue the family tradition by innovating it with men’s elevator shoes: a particular product that no one had ever thought of before, born to offer extra height to the wearer while always focusing on comfort and elegance. In this way, the exclusive combination of elevator shoes and true luxury was born.

How is the GuidoMaggi brand innovative?

GuidoMaggi was the first to make luxury shoes that also provide height increase, a product that did not exist before, or if it was, it was of poor quality. On the contrary, I realized a part of the market could be attracted to such accessory. I’m talking about an haute couture shoe, made of fine leathers, finished in detail by expert craftsmen and, strictly, made to measure. Our models are unique pieces, customized and always responding to the needs and tastes of our customers. Our mission is to create luxury elevator shoes for men capable of increasing height and the wearer’s charm and self-esteem. This is the true innovative soul of our product.

Has the pandemic influenced GuidoMaggi’s business, and how do you face the new challenges?

The entire national and international economy is suffering more or less severe repercussions following the coronavirus’s spread. GuidoMaggi produces sophisticated shoes to wear on big occasions and elevator shoes for casual outfits, ideal for every day and always chic.

We are facing this situation with extreme resilience, thanks to our passion for what we do. The whole GuidoMaggi team and I continue to work with extreme dedication and the commitment that has always distinguished us.

I always work with intellectual honesty, weighing every choice for the company’s good and protecting our customers. I think the world is destined to change constantly, and those who do my job must adapt to changes.

GuidoMaggi makes elevator shoes for men, capable of counteracting the crisis of our times because they represent the very essence of luxury, the one that comforts and cheers us, that makes us happier and excites us.

Do you have any plans for the future?

Our tomorrow has solid foundations because we are supported by trust and the ability to adapt. We proceed step by step, analyzing the critical issues carefully and selecting the best solutions. The creative process never stops. Our elevator shoes are 100% made in Italy excellence, masterpieces imbued with passion and beauty that alone can save the world. And enjoying the beauty of a GuidoMaggi elevator shoe is a gift that we can and must give to ourselves to overcome these challenging times unscathed.