Luxury and time: the combination of beauty by GuidoMaggi

Emanuele Briganti, CEO of the Lecce fashion house: “the keys to the success of GM shoes, handmade and made to measure, are leather and 100% Italian manufacturing”.

Having a different and winning vision: that’s always been the prerogatives of the GuidoMaggi brand. For over 100 years, the brand has been producing high-quality elevator shoes. Handmade and made to measure, GM elevator shoes are the quintessence of true luxury as searching for and enjoyment of beauty. The race for the ephemeral and disposable trend has never been part of the spirit of the company. We work to make men’s elevator shoes last over time, making them unique with the skill of master artisans and fine leathers. Talent at the service of style: a style that adapts to the customer’s needs, pampers him, and tells his story and expresses his emotions. This is not for everyone: GuidoMaggi makes dreams come true and transform them into exclusive elevator shoes of the highest quality and capable of ensuring a comfortable and discreet elevator system. Height and self-esteem, charm and self-confidence. It is not for everyone, we said, and indeed that’s the prerogative of GuidoMaggi.

The secret of a brand that has walked the most prestigious red carpets for years, loved by men of power and stars all over the world? A strong vision of the endless combination of luxury and time, the two elements that walk together along a path made of know-how, durability, attention to detail, and careful leather choice.

The craftsmen are the keystone, the artisanal production, a guarantee of high quality.

Emanuele Briganti had the opportunity to remind us that: “In the field of fashion, true luxury is made of handcrafted elevator shoes that lasts over time”. The association between luxury and time must be indissoluble. True luxury must be rethought and must revolve around this ancient combination.

“The conservation and enhancement of artisan workshops as places in which to preserve precious know-how, based on a centuries-old tradition, is fundamental for the production of high-quality shoes”, explains Emanuele Briganti, the young CEO of a family business founded in 1919 and now in its fourth generation.

Italian leather and manufacturing are the cornerstones on which quality and excellence must revolve.

GuidoMaggi does not conceive the assembly line’s logic; the elevator shoes are made by expert craftsmen who work with care and skill.

Attention to detail, talent and style are in the brand’s DNA. “Our customers have always chosen us because we offer unique, beautiful and long-lasting elevator shoes”, says the young CEO. “Our know-how has become cool in the world of fashion and luxury because we have always been consistent; we have never pursued the deceptive glories of fast fashion. That throwaway mentality has never attracted us. Our goal has always been to be faithful to true luxury: beauty capable of saving the world, that beauty that pulsates with real emotions, of elevators shoes that are unique masterpieces. Our strength is knowing how to create beauty with the talent of manual skills”, concludes Briganti.