The Italian Secret Behind Tom Cruise’s Charm and Elegance

Venice, a carnival and Tom Cruise with his beloved elevator shoes. In the Laguna, while shooting the seventh part of the world-famous movie sequel, Mission Impossible, the Hollywood actor was wearing elevator shoes: the secret addition to his talent

He is unstoppable. Tom Cruise, born in 1962, is always at the center of fame and collects success after success. After the Top Gun sequel, in fact, the actor is devoted to Mission Impossible only. It’s the seventh chapter of the saga and our hero, agent Ethan Hunt, looks more fit than ever. But this time the movie, signed by director Christopher McQuarrie, has Venice as its exclusive background. In particular, the lagoon city’s famous carnival is the breathtaking destination to one of the best scenes in the new sequel. 

From 20 to 29 February, between Santa Maria del Giglio, Calle del Traghetto, Fondamenta della Salute, up to Santo Stefano, Campo Pisani, Ramo, and Sotoportego Pisani, Calle Ca Genova and Campo San Vio, we may come across the most famous and sharp agent of the world of cinema.

The highlight of the movie will be shot along the Grand Canal with over 300 masked extras and a tribute to the famous party above the water that’s suitable as an opening for the Carnival every year. 

Only 5’7″ tall (170 cm) Tom Cruise – like his colleagues Al Pacino and Robert De Niro – has always worn his shoes with elegance and class, especially during important events. When it came to his ex-partners – Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes – on red carpet events, they were always much taller than he is. But he never felt uncomfortable because he always had a good taste in choosing elevator shoes to increase his height in a discreet and stylish way. 

Perhaps the secret of his success lies in the discovery of Italian handcrafted shoes  by GuidoMaggi, the flagship of the Salento companies. Therefore, don’t be amazed if he looks for his dream villa in Lecce, because he always finds what he is looking for in Italy. He is attracted by the beauty of the places, its flavors, and aromas, but above all, he is amazed by the excellence that the territory strives to offer such as the exclusive GuidoMaggi elevator shoe brand. 

A lover of beauty and high-quality items such as Tom Cruise, who has always worn elevator shoes cannot fail to fall in love with the unique and inimitable style of GuidoMaggi shoes. As a tradition that’s more than 100 years old, the brand has been producing fine leather shoes, with a refined Italian style and an elevator system that gives up to 6 inches (15 centimeters) more in height with total discretion and comfort. In conclusion, GuidoMaggi is a must-have for any star.